In our practice, your treatment is carried out according to the latest findings in dentistry. You will benefit in particular from the constant further education and training of our entire practice team.

Among other things, we offer you:

Cerec 3D is a process for the computer-aided, direct production of ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns. This unique method allows a gentle and tooth-colored restoration made of high-quality ceramic to be produced and integrated in a single treatment session without impressions and temporary arrangements.

With the Cerec measuring camera, a three-dimensional image of the tooth is taken and processed on the computer screen. Subsequently, the restoration is sanded and used directly in the practice within a few minutes from a ceramic block.

Digital X-ray – Radiovisiography (RVG)
In digital X-rays, a small sensor is positioned in the mouth instead of the conventional dental film. This means that radiation exposure can be reduced by up to 90%.

The recording does not require any development time, but is immediately available and can be analyzed accordingly on the screen. There is no chemical waste that pollutes the environment.

Laser – Light Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

A surgical laser has properties that are of great importance in surgery. A cut with a laser bleeds much less and is at the same time sterile, since the laser always has a germicidal effect.

The (diode) laser kills bacteria and germs during gum pocket cleaning. The germicidal effect of the (diode) laser is also used in root canal treatment to reduce germs in the root canals.

Whitening of dark or discolored teeth. Before that, a professional tooth cleaning must be carried out.

There is an InOffice Bleaching (in practice), as well as a HomeBleaching with individually made bleaching rails. Bleaching can be positively supported with the help of the diode laser. InOffice bleaching shows faster results.

Dental jewellery
These are, for example small gemstones,

These are, for example small gemstones, which are applied with a special adhesive technique.

Dental hypnosis
Modern dental hypnosis puts the patient in a relaxed trance state by concentrating on pleasant imaginations. As a result, he is mentally at his resting place and can be treated relaxed and stress-free.

Ultrasound-assisted surgery, allows a very precise cutting of the bone with less trauma than with previous methods. The instrument tip oscillates with a modulable ultrasonic frequency.

refers to a special surgical method of maxillofacial surgery, with which the bony bottom of the maxillary sinus is thickened (usually when too little bone is available for an implant).

is a laser-based caries diagnostic device (class 2). The device detects cariously altered tooth substance, as it emits fluorescence radiation of different wavelengths after irradiation.

Pool sample for marker germs
By taking bacterial samples from the gum pockets, these can be determined more precisely in the laboratory so that the mechanical therapy of periodontal disease can also be supported by antibiotics.

Fissure sealing
Caries often develops in too deep fissures on the chewing surfaces of the molars, into which toothbrushes can penetrate only poorly or not at all. Thus, tooth-damaging bacteria settle there. In fissure sealing, the recesses in the chewing surface are filled with composites, a type of plastic, to prevent caries.

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the anatomy and physiology of the periodontium as well as with the diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis of its diseases.

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